Cloud DevOps Service Blocks

AWS DevOps Engineer Service Block working on code

DevOps combines tools, processes, and philosophies that enable you to increase the velocity at which you are able to deliver applications to market. AWS services align with DevOps practices to simplify and automate many of the benefits including CI/CD, microservices, and infrastructure as code. And EPLEXITY AWS DevOps engineers have expertise in managing and operating more than 100 AWS services.

Subscribing to our On-Demand Cloud DevOps Service Blocks provides you with:

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    A dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM), overseeing your day-to-day needs

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    Access to a team of Infrastructure Automation and AWS DevOps Engineers and Architects

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    Service Delivery Objectives to ensure consistent delivery

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    Access to Eplexity’s AWS best practices design pattern library

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    Task creation and management through our C3 operations team

Cloud DevOps Engineer Service

Engaging with our Cloud DevOps Engineers through our On-Demand Managed Service blocks offering starts with a scoping call to discuss your specific needs. Projects could include, but are not limited to the following:

Creation and management of CI/CD Pipeline

  • Creation of CI/CD workflow and automation

  • Deployment of containers to ECS/EKS or other custom systems

  • Deployment of Lambda functions

  • Deployment of code to any compute resources (EC2, EMR, Glue, Batch)

  • Deployment of CloudFormation scripts for any AWS resources


Configuration and management of infrastructure as code on AWS

  • Manage and operate container orchestration systems (EKS, ECS, customerEC2)

  • Manage and operate other compute resources (Lambda, EMR, Glue, Batch, DB)

  • Manage and operate virtual Desktop as a Service resources (Workspaces)

  • Modify and operate networking, peering, VPC, subnets, and transits

  • Modify and operate data sync or data migration processes

Configuration of managed services on AWS

  • Modify and operate data services (RDS, DynamoDB, DataSync, and data migration processes)

  • Modify and operate computer resources (EC2, ECS, EKS, EMR, Glue)

  • Modify and operate virtual Desktop resources

  • Modify and operate security, identity, and compliance resources (Cognito, IAM, WAF)

  • Modify and operate Analytics resources (QuickSight, Kinesis, Athena)

  • Modify and operate Storage resources (S3, EFS, Storage Gateway)

  • Modify and operate Management and Governance resources (CloudWatch, Control Tower, Trusted Advisor)

Application Modernization Services
Compliance Secutity
  • Create and manage Networking and Content Delivery resources (VPNs, Virtual Gateways, VPCs, CloudFront)

  • Create and manage snapshots and images

  • Create and manage centralized logging systems

  • Create alert triggers on all systems

DevOps Service Block Benefits


Increasing your velocity means you can adapt to changing market conditions more quickly, innovate new solutions for a competitive edge, and drive business results.


Infrastructure as code means you can build a scalable, repeatable, and predictable process. Automation reduces risk and drives consistency.


DevOps practices don’t require you to sacrifice your security posture. Maintain control with configuration management, compliance policy automation, and more.

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