Data and Analytics Service Block

Data and data sources are increasing both in volume and diversity. EPLEXITY can help you collect, store, govern, and analyze data at scale. You want to get to insights in your data faster, but you also need to be sure your data is secure. With AWS, you get a broad set of analytic tools and the flexibility you need regardless of the size or complexity of your data sources.

Subscribing to our On-Demand Managed Resources provides you with:

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    A dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM), overseeing your day-to-day needs

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    Access to a team of Infrastructure Automation and AWS Engineers and Architects

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    Service Delivery Objectives to ensure consistent delivery

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    Access to Eplexity’s AWS best practices design pattern library

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    Task creation and management through our C3 operations team

Data and Analytics

Working with our Data and Analytics architects is straightforward and economical. After an initial consultation to determine scope and your specific requirements, they will work with you on your data warehouse, big data, real time analytics, or data lake workload. Some of the areas they can support you include the following:

  • Setup, analysis, code changes, data sync, and cutover for data transfers

  • RDS Management for all types of databases

  • Cloud native data system designs and implementation

  • Highly available data designs and 24/7 management

  • High volume data transactions system design, implementation, and management

  • Database performance tuning (indexes, triggers, SQL queries)

  • Data Transformation system on any cloud technology

  • EMR management and operations (AWS EMR, Glue)

  • ML systems management and operations (SageMaker, EMR, Glue)

  • HIVE catalog management and operations (GLUE, Native EMR)

  • Athena table creation and management

  • S3 data transfer management and operations

  • Setup, analysis, implementation, and operate data migration services

  • Setup, analysis, implementation, and operation of Glue WorkFlow Data Management and Transformation

  • Creation, management, and operations of Lambda federated queries in SQL (Athena)


Faster Insights

Access a broad set of analytic tools at a lower cost to help you get business insights faster.


Leverage tools that meet the requirements of even the most security-sensitive companies to keep your data safe.


With a variety of services, you’ll be able to collect, store, categorize, and analyze at scale in a way that meets your budget and needs.

Engage with an EPLEXITY Data and Analytics Architect

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