24×7 AWS Operations & Support

Your Mission Control for AWS

24x7 AWS operations and support team at work
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions
The Eplexity Cloud Command Center (C3) AWS support team consists of subject matter experts with significant experience working on the AWS platform. They are the frontline for tier 1 and 2 customer support cases. Their knowledge and experience allow them to proactively triage and resolve the majority of our tickets. The C3 is also the epicenter of our managed services NOC. The 24×7 AWS operations and support team is entirely US based and operates 365 days of the year.
As CXOS patterns are deployed, the C3 takes over site reliability, handling pattern maintenance, change management, security hardening and patching, backups, and monitoring for alerts. They own and manage the runbook and escalation procedures. The C3 team also looks for cost optimization opportunities on deployed patterns and oversees monthly reporting and quarterly reviews.



AWS Operations Experts

C3 support engineers are all AWS certified and required to take continuous AWS education programs to ensure their skills and knowledge are current with AWS best practices.

site reliability

Site Reliability Skillset

As a DevOps organization, the C3 support engineers adopt agile and DevOps practices in the run and operate phase of deployed CXOS patterns. Integrating site reliability engineering streamlines the management of CXOS.


CXOS Mission Control

As the stewards of deployed CXOS patterns, the C3 support engineers maintain the CXOS Mission Control dashboard. They are the proactive front line for bugs, incidents, and updates 24/7/365, so you can rest a little easier.

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