Nick Bissel Achieves AWS Solution Architect Associate !

Meet Nick Bissel! 

Nick has been on the team for a year on the Eplexity’s Managed Services Desk for our Managed Services Provider (MSP).  Nick was born and raised in the Boston area and now calls Denver home.    

His career spans five years in IT operations with learning from the front lines of Help Desk support operations.  His knowledge and understanding was predomitaley learned from his huge interests on how things work.  His knowledge of Operating Systems, Networking, Software, Mobile, Servers, VMWare and now AWS Cloud computing makes him well accomplished in his career. 

From Nick  “I’ve been working in the IT field for a few years and have learned a lot, but there is always more to learn. The ever evolving nature of the industry is what makes me so passionate about it. I enjoy learning about new technologies, and old ones alike.

Outside of my professional experience, I have been working on computers for about 15 years. This includes building and upgrading desktops, building media servers, and building a VMWare ESXi server that hosted multiple Windows and Linux server and desktop environments, and the administration of that server through vSphere.” 

Nick’s latest accomplishment is the obtainment of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification of AWS Certificated Architect – Associate Level. This test was approximately 200 hours in preparation with AWS labs and learning curriculum.  

We are honored to to have him as part of our team!  Nick now is now enrolled in AWS Security and Networking certifications and is a “Consulting Engineer” apprentice at Eplexity. 
We are hiring BTW. Please contact us at Eplexity.  micah.montgomery@eplexity.com

Get your start in the Managed Services business to launch your consulting career in the Information Technology world of Amazon Web Services .   We will train you if you have the skills Nick has – just a blazing curosity of of how things work and a passion for constant learning.  See here information on our Swimming Pool project led by Micah Montgomery here, our Chief of Learning and Career Development.  micah.montgomery@eplexity.com

If you have field consulting experience and want to jump immediately into a career in the consulting field for AWS Cloud project delivery see our job openings here for Amazon Web Services.  All of these role require what Nick just did. Getting your AWS Solutions Architect – Associate completed within 90 days of coming aboard.  We have over 10,000 hours of AWS Projects that we have under contract. 

AWS Delivery Architect –  Responsible for confirming the AWS technical design requirements that meet the business use cases around compute, storage and networking using the AWS Service Catalog. Develops and validates definition file templates for infrastructure as a code strategy and container architectures.  Migration strategy validation of images and acceptance testing for production and DevOps AWS landing zones. Responsible in meeting the design of all security requirements of the project with VPC, ACL, IAM and Key management.  This is a delivery role and will work as a delivery team mate when not doing architecture.  

AWS Software Development Engineer- Responsible for overall development and guidance on JSON, YAML, or XML templates for Infrastructure as a Code strategy. May define their own domain-specific language (DSL) with guidance and approval from Delivery Architect. Responsible for all refactoring of applications when needed using the AWS Service Catalog with focus on Lambda. This is a delivery role and will work as a DevOps delivery team mate when not doing software development.

DevOps Delivery Engineers- Responsible for Infrastructure as Code delivery using standard formats such as JSON, YAML, or XML from the AWS software development engineer.  The steps to carry out the process are captured and documented, as close as possible, into the definition files. Different tools have different terms for this: for example, playbooks (Ansible), recipes (Chef), or manifests (Puppet). Responsible for setting up and testing in Development and Production Landing Zones to meet the Version Control Objectives of the project. Responsible for actual deployment and testing of the software packages to target AWS Landing Zones as described by the Delivery Architect with appropriate container vendor.

Please contact us at Eplexity.  micah.montgomery@eplexity.com


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