Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Cloud Services

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Machine learning and AI cloud services
When thinking about machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), science fiction likely comes to mind. In reality, the opportunities and benefits of ML and AI are more important to our lives than we would have ever imagined. Businesses are already using these technologies to make better forecasts…more quickly, provide useful product recommendations, manage maintenance schedules to prevent breakdowns, and identify anomalies.
Machine learning is making a significant impact across a wide variety of industries, improving their agility and efficiency. It’s important to point out that ML and AI cloud services are not the same thing, ML is the engine behind AI. To take advantage of machine learning, a lot of data is required as well as specialized compute power to train and run models on all of the data. The more data you have, the better the probability of likely outcomes for your most complex scenarios. Data drives the model to optimize the outcomes. AI is the program logic to interpret machine learning results.



Broadest Set of ML Services

With the most comprehensive set of ML and AI services, we can help you quickly build, train and deploy machine learning models at scale with pre-trained services and support for open-source frameworks.


Expert Certified Resources

Through our CXOS architectures, ML and AI initiatives specific to your needs can be deployed in weeks instead of months. And with ongoing support through our CXOS On-Demand Managed Services.


Lower Costs

AWS provides secure, virtually unlimited access to data and power at scale. Its on-demand availability means you don’t need to purchase expensive, specialized technology that sits unused most of the time.

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