Data Warehouse Modernization

Analyze Data from Any Source

Data Warehouse Modernization visualization
A standard element of on-premise data centers, data warehouses have been used by business intelligence and analytics teams to uncover insights and provide reports by making sense of the company’s historical structured data. However, these data warehouses have not been able to keep up with the new sources of data. They are rigid monolithic architectures that are difficult to scale and maintain. They are no longer cost-effective or sustainable.
New data sources including streaming data, semi-structured data, text, and voice all fall outside the highly structured transactional data box. However, they need to be accessed and analyzed properly without affecting compute and performance levels. Cloud technology offers high performance, simple deployment, near infinite scaling, and easy administration at a fraction of the cost of on-premises solutions. Data warehouse modernization delivers benefits more suited to modern data types, today’s sophisticated analytics tools, and computing workloads.


Separate Compute and Storage

Separation of Compute and Storage

Compute resources are deployed on demand when data is queried directly. Core data resides separately so that only the data that is needed is accessed.


Fully Managed Administration

With CXOS, your data warehouse is managed by our Cloud Command Center (C3) 24/7. Our AWS certified team will handle backup and recovery, patching, software upgrades and more.


Security and Data Governance

Data warehouse security includes SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 and PCI DSS Level 1 eligible compliance and end-to-end data encryption. Fine-grained, role-based access control for data and actions ensure data governance.

Data Lakes

Data and data sources are growing rapidly both in volume and diversity, consider the proliferation of IoT devices, social media streams, and user data to name just a few. This massive amount of unstructured data also needs to be securely stored so it can be accessed and analyzed by any number of applications and people to uncover important business insights. AWS powered data lakes are centralized, secure, and cost-effective.
  • Load any amount of data in real time without needing to define a schema
  • Eliminate data silos by loading any data type into your data lake
  • Get to insights faster with a variety of machine learning tools
  • Enable data scientists, analysts, and developers to use their own analytics tools
  • Enjoy rigorous security and governance for all of your data stored in your data lake
representation of how Machine Learning, Analytics, and iOT create a data lake

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