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AWS App Modernization & Development
Application Modernization Services
Digital transformation has become an overused term, but that doesn’t reduce its significance for today’s business landscape. It’s not a question of if you choose to modernize, it’s how and when. The lift and shift approach creates new challenges on top of the ones that already existed. Conversely, working to perfect a workload before moving it to the cloud can lead to refactoring analysis paralysis and slow down the realization of cloud benefits of cost savings, performance improvements, and new development capabilities.

Understanding how to capitalize on AWS application modernization to become more nimble and agile means knowing the best practices for cloud-enabling your applications and implementing cloud native development practices. With CXOS  AWS App modernization & development, applications are built with the combination of proven architecture patterns, a streamlined operational model, and software delivery transparency through Mission Control. Though the use of microservices, we are able to deliver you the increased agility, cost-effectiveness, and productivity that modern development practices enable.

Benefits of Application Modernization Services


Accelerate Development Cycles

With CXOS architecture patterns, your time to market is faster providing you with more release cycles and lower operational overhead.

Cloud Dev Ops Services

DevOps on Demand

Access to AWS experts who ensure your cloud journey is optimized for your team and your workloads, scalable and reliable once you’re up and running, and risk mitigated throughout the process.

Near Shore Dev Center

On- and Near-Shore Delivery Centers

Finding the right talent for modernization projects is difficult. With our delivery center options, you get the flexibility and value you need along with expert resources.

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Here at EPLEXITY, we understand that every migration deployment, modernization project, and managed service incident is different. We’re here to help you with your cloud journey. If there is anything we can do to simplify the process, don’t hesitate to ask.
The majority of our engineers and architects have previously worked in client organizations. In short, we’ve been in your shoes and that’s why we have a customer-first philosophy. Let us know how we can assist you today, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. For immediate assistance, call us at 888.501.5979.

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