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Transparent, Secure, Visionary AWS Management

CXOS is the next generation of AWS enablement…simplified, value driven, bullet proof. When you sign up for CXOS, you’ll be able to deploy faster, safer, and easier through our library of production-ready application patterns. And with Mission Control, you get 24/7 managed support for your deployed application patterns.  CXOS features:
  • Access to an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) library of AWS Well-Architected designs with full CI/CD process built in to each architecture
  • The ability to deploy battle tested AWS IaC tech stack in minutes
  • Elastic infrastructure development (DevOps and SRE) consulting and real time expertise
  • Ongoing commercial support through chat, email, phone 24x7x365
  • Complete ownership of your AWS infrastructure code
  • A simple cost optimization and billing portal with our Cloud Command Center (C3)

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