Hybrid Cloud Connectivity – Data center to Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Connectivity: Data center to Public Cloud.
Over the past three years we were challenged with our customers trying to fix this problem of getting to the Public Cloud with a Secure connection – so we built and tested this solution and made it a Product.  The Value Proposition is SLA backed connectivity to the Public cloud. Lower your egress networking charges by 60% for Amazon Web Services . Be up in minutes with Eplexity’s SecureConnect from any Eplexity Private cloud node.

4 Use Cases: 

I have collocation equipment that need to have access to the Cloud. Eplexity will host the customers gear in our data center and provide direct access to the public cloud. 

I have a modem bank for PST connectivity that needs to connect to NOAH then send\recieve data to our AWS workloads for processing. Eplexity hosts the modem bank in it’s Tier 3 data center and Provides SecureConnect to AWS.

I want to host my Private Cloud workloads in Eplexity but need access to the Public cloud for my gen 2 workloads. 

I need to host my voice application that only supports VMware Cloud but need to burst workloads into AWS for my e-commerce site. I also do not want to manage the burst or monitoring of the application environment. Eplexity provides SecureConnect, and Eplexity Private Cloud, and provides Managed Services to facilitate the entire solution 24/7.

I need to lower me Egress network charges from AWS.


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