AWS Cloud Compliance and Security

An Improved Security Position

AWS Cloud Compliance & Security
Cybersecurity will always be an area of risk. Without expert guidance, it can be challenging to know how to secure your IT environment. Both Eplexity and AWS place security at the heart of every offering to help you fully realize the speed and agility of the cloud.
AWS  integrates  comprehensive  security  controls, superior  scaling  visibility, and automated  security  processes  into its cloud infrastructure to enable a secure foundation on which you can build. And our dedicated team of engineers works to constantly evolve our AWS cloud compliance services through core capabilities such as identity and access management, logging and monitoring, encryption and key management, network segmentation, and standard DDoS protection, as well as advanced areas like proactive threat detection.



AWS Security Experts

We understand the details of the AWS Shared  Responsibility  Model (SRM). We’ll protect  your AWS environment,  and provide you with resources that  can implement  your end-to-end security  quickly and easily.



Security as code removes the roadblocks in our continuous delivery pipeline. We solve security issues as they arise during the development process providing you with an improved security posture at any scale.


Always On, Always Available

Security is built into every CXOS design Application pattern and with near real-time Security telemetry data available at any time via CXOS Mission Control. Our Cloud Command Center (C3) team of experts respond to security and compliance issues quickly 24/7/365.

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