AWS Microsoft Windows Server Migration Service

Simplify your Migrations of Windows Workloads to AWS

AWS Server Migration Service

Modernize Your Windows Workloads with the Industry Leader

AWS accounted for nearly 58% of total Windows instances deployed in the public cloud IaaS market according to IDC. That is nearly double their closest competitor. And EPLEXITY saved customers more than one million dollars in the first quarter alone by migrating windows workloads to AWS, capitalizing on flexible options for Microsoft licensing.

Now that End of Support (EOS) for SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 is in effect, there’s no better time to consider modernizing your SQL workloads with our AWS server migration service.



reduce database licensing costs

Lower Costs

AWS provides you the flexibility to choose from a variety of available licensing options

Quickly innovate, experiment, and iterate


AWS has the widest selection of cloud services, including 48 services that are simply not available elsewhere



AWS offers 40 more security, compliance, and governance services than their nearest competitor, and supports security standards and compliance certifications

Why AWS is Your Microsoft SQL Server Solution

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    • Migrate or upgrade to RDS for SQL Server
    • Deploy quickly with advanced automation and take advantage of a fully managed database service.

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    • Migrate or update to SQL Server on EC2
    • For optimal control of deployment options and having the capabilities to rapidly deploy highly virtualized environments to AWS.

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    • Modernize SQL on your own timetable
    • Migrate from SQL Server 2008 to modern, open platforms like Amazon Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Amazon Redshift.

AWS End-Of-Support (EMP) Program

Every EPLEXITY architect and engineer is AWS Certified. With CXOS, your migration of legacy Windows Server applications to AWS will be faster, simpler, and with less risk. Rather than investing in resources to learn how to migrate end-of-support workloads, we can help. Our team of experts handles Microsoft Windows Server migrations every day. We understand how to determine legacy application dependencies on the OS, package applications, and manage applications in AWS so you’re always optimized.

AWS Premier Consulting Partner Certificate

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