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AWS Cloud Adoption Frameworks

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
When you use a DevOps model, you deliver applications quicker and innovate faster. And with AWS cloud adoption framework offering elastic, on-demand infrastructure resources and tooling that support DevOps practices such as continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure as code, microservices, and monitoring & logging, you get the best of DevOps with the cloud leader.
Combined with elastic compute that can be scaled up or down within minutes, these DevOps tools help you automate infrastructure and software release processes at scale. And there’s no hardware to setup, manage, or operate. By using AWS and our Eplexity DevOps model, you can focus on rapidly and reliably delivering new features and services to better serve your customers.


Infrastructure as code 2

Infrastructure As Code

For every CXOS Application Pattern in our library, we apply discipline and rigor to our code to ensure each build is repeatable, reliable, and delivers consistently.


Continuous Development

To help you deploy rapidly, repeatedly, and reliably on AWS, we embrace ‘shift left’ and focus problem prevention by automating the provisioning and deployment of new builds so we can test continuously.

Program automate


With our CXOS Pattern library and Mission Control dashboard, we have standardized server configuration and application design and deployment, eliminating manual, error prone, unreliable processes.

Managed DevOps on AWS Advantage

Today organizations are utilizing DevOps in the cloud to deliver applications quicker and innovate faster than ever before. Eplexity DevOps services incorporate the automation of AWS and best of breed 3rd party solutions to help businesses make the transformation to DevOps quickly and securely.

As a Premier Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Eplexity offers production-ready AWS infrastructure solutions designed to support continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure as code, microservices, and monitoring & logging. Take advantage of Eplexity’s CXOS Mission Control managed DevOps services on AWS, and our AWS-certified DevOps Engineer Service Blocks to accelerate results for your business.

AWS Premier Consulting Partner Certificate

EPLEXITY understands the AWS ecosystem so you don’t have to. Our engineers and architects are experts on AWS services that enable DevOps practices. We’ll optimize your AWS workloads with tools that automate manual tasks, manage environments at scale, and provide high velocity.

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    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

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    • Microservices

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    • Infrastructure as Code

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    • Monitoring and Logging

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    • Version Control

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