AWS Cloud Service Foundations

Start Right, Stay Right

Considering a move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) but have more questions than answers? We understand. You already know you can save time and money by not buying, owning, and maintaining your own data centers and servers. We can help guide you through the process with AWS to determine your compute power, storage, databases, and other service needs.
Let AWS Cloud Services manage and maintain the technology infrastructure in their secure environment, while you only pay for what you use, scaling up or down instantly to meet demand fluctuations. And working with Eplexity will make sure you start off on the right foot with our proven CXOS architecture patterns. We’ll also make sure you stay right with our customizable service options and access to your own real-time CXOS Mission Control dashboard supported by our Cloud Command Center (C3) 24/7/365.



CXOS Patterns

Our opinionated architectures have been tested hundreds of times and follow AWS best practices to ensure your time to market is minimized and your workloads are reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective.


CXOS Mission Control

Once you’re running on AWS, you can use your Mission Control dashboard to monitor your workloads. See your performance and telemetry data in real time in one place.


AWS Well Architected Framework

Using the AWS Well Architected Framework, we help you understand the pros and cons of decisions you’ll make while building systems on AWS.

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Cloud Adoption Framework