Eplexity Private Cloud Explained

Eplexity Cloud Air Network is hosted in one of 3 Data Centers in the US. Denver, Colorado. Ashburn, Virginia, San Jose, Ca.  Our Private Cloud Solutions are hand built with performance in mind using custom CPU, GPU , Storage and Networks solutions to meet our customers demands with VMWARE technology.

A true hybrid cloud experience means the freedom to provision new workloads or move legacy workloads from your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud and back again. VMware vCloud Air Network by Eplexity gives you the flexibility to scale as needed while delivering the IT agility, efficiency, and cost savings of a public cloud.Private clouds need more than automated provisioning. For your private cloud to compete with public options, you must account for cost, time to market, service levels and operations. Eplexity consultants understand private cloud complexity, helping architect your solution over multiple data centers, geographies and business requirements. We offer a Private Cloud accelerator engagement that covers in 5 days a simple fast delivery road map of your current legacy applications and what is needed to move to a Private Cloud solution in a detailed PDER – Pre Delivery Engineering Report.  

Once you have completed your design requirements we will build a detailed Bill of Materials for your project that will detail all the components of your Private Cloud solution.  In addition we can manage the entire IAAS and PAAS with your Applications on top.  We can put together a custom SLA together that meets your business objectives using our Managed Service Catalog.

1 . Identify your use case – Eplexity will help you ..

Explexity Private Cloud offers cloud services to meet the compute, storage and networking requirements for a variety of use cases. The most popular uses cases with existing customers are as follows:

• Disaster Recovery – A good first step in leveraging a public cloud platform is Disaster Recovery. Many VMware customers have invested significantly on-premises and need a cost-effective and seamless disaster recovery plan to protect their vSphere workloads.

• Data Center Extension – VMware customers easily extend applications to vCloud Air with common management, seamless networking and unified support. Many customers choose development and test as a good way to start with a single application. From there, we see them move their back-office systems such as file/print servers, Active Directory, or SharePoint to the cloud. Another common extension use case is to leverage vCloud Air for seasonal bursting of Web or CRM applications, or to address geographic latency issues between data center and remote offices.

• Data Center Replacement – For situations such as mergers, acquisitions, or spin-offs, IT may be forced to very quickly consolidate IT resources. vCloud Air provides a quick and secure way to “lift and shift” vSphere workloads.

2. Choose the appropriate service to meet your needs

Eplexity offers a multi-tenant Virtual Private Cloud or single-tenant Dedicated Cloud that includes compute (vRAM and vCPU), storage, bandwidth, and public IP address resour ces that can be expanded as needed. Each cloud service includes built-in redundancy, high availability, firewalling, load balancing, network address translation (NAT), DHCP, IPsec VPN, and disk I/O at no additional charge.

Eplexity can help you build your Private Cloud Solution based of VMware Cloud Formations in a 3 part example.  Click here to contact us to discuss. 

Part 1 – A detailed Example of a Explexity Managed Service for Private Air Cloud Build with VCenter as Data Center Replacement hosted in one of our HyperScaler Data Centers.

Part 2 – A detailed example of a Explexity Managed Service –  Customer on Premise to Cloud Backup option.

Part 3-  A detailed example of a Managed Eplexity Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRASS) Option using an Explexity designed Private Cloud.

 Please reach out if you have any questions or need a quote. We are here to help! Please click here to contact us.


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