Chris Egloff passes AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification!

Congrats to Chris Egloff!

Chris passed his Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect Associate Test this weekend!

Chris is a Senior Automation Engineer Leader here with Eplexity and has been on the front lines of building out several AWS customer environments. We are fortunate to have Chris on the team.  

Chris has brought discipline and ongoing enhancements to our AWS Managed Services practice by committing to detailed run books, container and cloud templates for our team mates and customers. Chris served in the US Navy for 5 years aboard the USS Maine Blue (SSBN) as a Information Security Engineer ( Thanks for serving Chris!) and recently graduated with a Degree in Computer Science.   

Chris will be taking the next 2 tests shortly for Dev/Ops and Sys/Admin for AWS Associate Certifications and has a goal to achieve Professional Status in 2018 for all 3 Certifications.  Please reach out to us if you have interest in joining our team!

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