Samaritan Technologies Case Study

PROJECT: CoLo to AWS GovCloud Migration

COMPANY: Samaritan Technologies

INDUSTRY: Technology



Over the past 17 years Samaritan made itself the industry standard for volunteer management by providing the tools volunteer managers need to effectively recruit, retain, coordinate, track, and report the activities of their volunteers. These tools include both web- and pc-based applications that work together seamlessly to provide maximum coordination and management of volunteer service.



Samaritan’s volunteer SaaS platform supports clients across multiple verticals, including: Government agencies, Corporate volunteer programs, and non-profit organizations. In order to meet security compliance needs for clients, Samaritan was leveraging a strategy that involved managing two separate private cloud environments hosted by two partners. This presented both IT Operational & Cost Challenges that had an impact on their ability to stay competitive.



Samaritan’s SaaS based application, backed by Microsoft technologies, required a combination of Microsoft SQL Availability Groups and AWS Availability Zones in migrating to AWS GovCloud. Samaritan was able to achieve full SQL control while benefiting from a highly available infrastructure design. AWS GovCloud improved Samaritans operational efficiencies and enabled on-demand capabilities to turn up new services for various client requirements.

Data Security
global consistency
Highly Available


Security and Compliance: AWS GovCloud gives Samaritan the flexibility to meet clients various security & compliance requirements

Cost Optimization: Samaritan is now able to grow and right size their environment at the speed of business

Accelerate Innovation: AWS enables Samaritan to innovate and add new features to their SaaS product on-demand

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