Positronic Case Study

PROJECT: AWS Migration from a Private Cloud

COMPANY: Positronic

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing


Positronic is a manufacturer headquartered in Springfield, MO with manufacturing plants and offices globally. Positronic supplies electronic connectors that are utilized in a variety of industries worldwide including military, aerospace, telecommunications, and medical, among others. In their line of work, providing connectors for critical services, failure is not an option. Picking a Cloud solution was no different – they required one with global reach that could support mission-critical workloads.



To make the business case for AWS the company’s IT had to focus on price, reliability, global scalability and ensuring near-zero downtime would incur during the migration. The solution must of accommodated their ERP workloads, VDI infrastructure, and various business critical applications. Further – various regulatory compliance required Disaster Recovery site that could recover entire operations within a couple hours in another geography.

Cloud Desktop
Disaster Recovery


Positronic was able to reduce total cost of ownership saving them $925,000 over three years by moving to AWS from Private Cloud with nearly no interruptions. Positronic increased performance and scalability by designing resources to scale to meet demand when required. Balancing resources across Availability Zones and building resources to automatically heal, improvised improved availability and durability.

Cost Optimization
Operational Excellence
Performance Efficiency


High Availability: Leveraging the platform capabilities to allow infrastructure to self-heal providing high availability

Increased Resiliency: Replacing fixed infrastructure in a single data center with infrastructure split across multiple AZs

Global Scalability: Scaling the infrastructure automatically to meet the global employee virtual desktop demand

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