ET Investments

ET Investments Case Study


COMPANY: ET Investments

INDUSTRY: Financial Services

ET Investments


ET Investment’s vision is to create a nationally recognized community of locally owned and operated Title agencies that have been developed and nurtured by ET Investments’ resources. Through our financial, marketing and operational strength, combined with local title agencies’ entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge, we seek to add value and broaden opportunity in the title industry, allowing each service provider to excel in their market approach and segment.

ET Investments


ET Investments was experiencing daily brute force attacks causing users to be locked out and the environment to be inaccessible. They needed secure and scalable remote desktop sessions for 600 + users. The deploy process leveraged a custom .NET-based deploy process taking over an hour to deploy new server. Due to length of time to deploy they used schedule-based scale-up and down, instead of demand-based.

Risk Notification
Cloud Desktop


Eplexity provided automated AMI build so we could leverage auto-scaling groups. Transit VPC deployment replaced, with Microsoft Soft Connection Broker to provide Remote Desktop session aware load balancing. Provided a RD Gateway and NextGen Firewall solution to reduce user lockouts and provide an improved security solution.

Cloud Security
End User Protection


Reliability and Automation: Focus on more strategic initiatives vs. break-fix activities related to critical application availability and security

Improved User Uptime: Business benefits from improved productivity and higher levels of customer satisfaction

Enhanced Security: Critical IP and sensitive customer data are no longer at risk to costly and potentially devastating and cyber threats

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