Complete Recovery Corporation Case Study

PROJECT: Workload Migration and Amazon WorkSpaces

COMPANY: Complete Recovery Corporation

INDUSTRY: Business Services


Complete Recovery Corporation (CRC) is a leader in contact call center services including reverse supply chain management and customer experience outsourcing. They help companies manage their customer interactions by providing customer contact service management across multiple channels including telephone, email, letter, text, chat, and social platforms.


To enable their contact call center services, CRC utilized re-furbished computers with support from a local MSP to keep the devices operational. EPLEXITY started working with CRC in 2018 when they decided it was time to adopt a new solution for their core business that would be more flexible, scalable, and reliable, while still delivering value.

Infrastructure as code 2
Performance Efficiency


The first step was to migrate the application to AWS. EPLEXITY was able to do this quickly and affordably, while still meeting AWS Well Architected Framework best practices. The migration was based on one of EPLEXITY’s CXOS infrastructure-as-code design patterns. Once the application was deployed, CRC engaged EPLEXITY’s Cloud Command Center (C3) to run and operate their AWS environment.

The ease of migration and efficiency experienced with AWS encouraged CRC to consider a cloud-based desktop-as-a-service solution with AWS. Anticipating significant growth, CRC wanted a better enterprise business continuity and disaster recovery solution, and reiterated their principles of flexibility, scalability, and reliability as it related to their contact call center workstations.

EPLEXITY advised CRC to pilot AWS WorkSpaces in the Fall of 2019 to determine if it would meet their objectives. CRC customers adhere to strict guidelines related to privacy, information security, and business continuity. The pilot supported CRC’s need for rapid scalability and offshore agent support.



The pilot program progressed without incident and with other application also running in AWS, when the COVID-19 outbreak happened, EPLEXITY was able to help CRC deploy WorkSpaces in a single night to their entire global agent footprint in Oregon and Brazil without incident. CRC was able to comply immediately with both the Governors stay-at-home directive as well as contractual obligations on business continuity, security, and confidentiality required by their customers.

With their core application and entire agent footprint now running in AWS, CRC has seamlessly streamlined and modernized their IT infrastructure. And their contact call centers can confidently operate 24/7/365 whether they are physically in the office or not.

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