Cloud security

Cloud security issues: the real threats

Even though the consensus is that the public cloud is largely safe and secure, you can’t just ignore solid cloud security best practices. Too many businesses fall victim to missteps when implementing their cloud strategy. In this article, we'll discuss 4 of the most important cloud security errors.
The Public Cloud

How to make the public cloud more secure

In the past several years, we've seen a dramatic revolution in the acceptance of cloud computing among enterprises. However, there are still steps that you should take to protect your applications and data in the public cloud. In this article, we’ll cover 4 tips to incorporate into your cloud strategy.

Why the public cloud is more secure than an on-premises data center

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves: Is the public cloud more secure than an on-premises data center? And the answer might surprise you.

Cypress Growth Capital Invests $2M In Cloud Solutions Provider Eplexity

Cypress Growth Capital is pleased to announce…
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The possibilities of DevOps and the cloud

Cloud computing and DevOps are two of the key innovations underpinning digital transformation initiatives. When used in combination, both ideas can benefit from each other, letting you do more than can be achieved with either one alone.
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How next-gen MSPs are keeping customers safe

With the rise of “next-generation” MSPs, MSSPs can no longer claim a monopoly over cybersecurity managed services. Customers are increasingly searching for an MSP who can break the “tech support” mold and become a true strategic partner for their company.

An introduction to DevOps: What it is and why it matters

The term “DevOps” itself is a portmanteau of two business functions: software development and IT operations. By uniting the two phrases under a single term, “DevOps” symbolizes the tight, interconnected relationship between them.
next-gen MSPs

Design, Architect, Automate: How next-gen MSPs are changing the game

The move from on-premises to the cloud and the growth of DevOps as a software development philosophy have opened new doors for MSPs and their customers. Let's discuss three of the most important roles that next-gen MSPs can play for their clients.

Next-gen MSPs: What they are and why you need one

As cloud services change and mature in response to an evolving business landscape, your organization needs to work with a “next-gen MSP”: one who understands both your business objectives and the cloud technology required to fulfill them.