5 reasons to use Python for web development

The popularity of the Python programming language has grown over the years. It's being used by many professional developers and has several uses that range from artificial intelligence (AI) to data science. Discover 5 ways using Python could boost the success of your web development projects.
python programming language

6 reasons the Python programming language is so popular

The Python programming language is experiencing incredible growth. It's the fastest-growing programming language among developers and predicted to significantly outstrip other languages by 2019. Here are 6 reasons that the Python programming language is becoming so popular.
immutable vs mutable infrastructure

A side-by-side comparison of immutable vs. mutable infrastructure

In the constantly shifting landscape for business technology,…
made to go pizza is example of immutable infrastructure

Examples that immutable infrastructure is strategically sound

The idea of immutable infrastructure sprang from the concept behind frozen pizza. Frozen pizzas are served on a standardized crust, with standardized sauce, with a set toppings choice. When you program your infrastructure like a made-to-go pizza, you can enjoy the convenience of consistent, reliable, yet flexible computing capacities.
Digital keyboard

The benefits of immutable infrastructure

IT professionals are always looking for better ways to manage virtual machines in the cloud. Today, the search often includes evaluating an immutable infrastructure as the best solution. Immutable infrastructure has many strategic advantages for medium- to enterprise-level companies.
Cloud security

Cloud security issues: the real threats

Even though the consensus is that the public cloud is largely safe and secure, you can’t just ignore solid cloud security best practices. Too many businesses fall victim to missteps when implementing their cloud strategy. In this article, we'll discuss 4 of the most important cloud security errors.
The Public Cloud

How to make the public cloud more secure

In the past several years, we've seen a dramatic revolution in the acceptance of cloud computing among enterprises. However, there are still steps that you should take to protect your applications and data in the public cloud. In this article, we’ll cover 4 tips to incorporate into your cloud strategy.

Why the public cloud is more secure than an on-premises data center

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves: Is the public cloud more secure than an on-premises data center? And the answer might surprise you.

Cypress Growth Capital Invests $2M In Cloud Solutions Provider Eplexity

Cypress Growth Capital is pleased to announce…