Why Eplexity: An AWS Premier Consulting Partner

The Sherpa for your AWS Journey

AWS Premier Consulting Partner Certificate

You already know that moving your infrastructure to the cloud can provide significant savings. You also know it takes time and resources. Whether you are just getting started on AWS, you’re ready to modernize with cloud native tools, or you’re looking for on-going run and operate support, AWS is all we do. And every developer, engineer, and architect at EPLEXITY is AWS certified.

Most of our engineers, including our founder, started their careers at the help desk. Our team has worked in data centers and on corporate internal teams, we know the challenges because we’ve been there. Understanding firsthand the challenges people have provides insights into better ways to deliver cloud solutions & managed data center services. Over the years we’ve sought out new and different approaches to IT challenges in order to deliver streamlined experiences.

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Our AWS & Data Managed Center Services Approach

We founded Eplexity, to de-risk the cloud for you. We were once in your shoes, and we know how difficult it is to keep up with technology and the need to acquire new skills. We’ve been focused on AWS since our inception. In building, consulting, and managing hundreds of cloud architectures, we’ve developed an opinionated approach that opens the door to an affordable, secure, scalable, consistent cloud experience, CXOS.

Our adoption of DevOps and Site Reliability practices allows us to deliver results on an order of magnitude. We believe in transparency, collaboration, and simplicity. Our team eliminates the need for our clients to expend energy on AWS R&D. It’s time-consuming and expensive. We know what’s important, can see around the corners, and are able to respond quickly. Working with an AWS Premier Consulting Partner means you’re going to market with a team of experts who have your back.

If You’re Not Happy, We’re Not Happy

Our goal is to deliver simple, innovative, and affordable AWS cloud services and solutions to your most challenging cloud initiatives. If we’re not meeting your expectations, let us know. Our success is predicated on the success you are able to achieve. Our customers mean the world to us and we are in their corner, to remove friction from their cloud journey and provide savings that they didn’t realize was available.


Who We Look For

We believe internal IT teams prefer focus on innovation, growth, and value creation. That’s why we focus on de-risking complex emerging technologies. With an engineering driven culture, we thrive on finding answers to difficult challenges, automating the solution, then solving the next challenge.

Our team of engineers and architects doesn’t get bogged down doing the same thing over and over again. They work together to find new solutions, learning and growing their skills on a daily basis.

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