Eplexity Secure Connect for Hybrid Cloud Connecity

Our Secure connect solution bundles MegaPort and FortiNet into a managed solution for getting from a Data Center to the AWS Cloud. We maintain the solution under your MSP contract and provide support and ongoing maintenance for the secure fiber connection layer to the HyperScaler.

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SLA Backed

SLA backed, secure connection from your Eplexity Private Node to AWS Cloud so you can move workloads in a fast, efficient manner for Hybrid use cases.

Lower AWS egress charges

This will lower you AWS egress charges up to 60% and can be added to any MSP contract when your ready.

Use Case 1

We need to host my voice application in a Explexity Private VMware Cloud Node but need to burst workloads into AWS for my e-commerce site.

Use Case 2

We have a modem bank for PST connectivity that needs to connect to NOAH then send\recieve data to our AWS workloads for processing. Eplexity hosts the modem bank in it's Tier 3 data center and Provides SecureConnect to AWS.

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