Eplexity Cloud Solutions

Our solutions are backed by our experience and are created based upon your business and technical requirements. Ever cloud solution we offer includes our commitment to excellence. We eliminate cloud complexity.

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Private Cloud

Built on VMware Cloud Foundations and best in class hardware, our Private Cloud Nodes are hosted at HypeScaler Centers giving you access to Public Cloud with a drop of a cable for Hybrid work load migrations. We have various Private Node sizes to meet your needs that are maintained by our MSP team for Production, DRaSS and Backup.

Public Cloud

We have developed an AWS design and delivery practice focused on the AWS service catalog. This team can help you get to the Public Cloud and then take care of the AWS Workloads. AWS Infrastructure, Migration, BigData, Analytics , Dev/Ops and AWS training are our specialties.

SD WAN Solution
for Cloud

Cloud solutions are driving the need for SD-WAN optimization and acceleration while saving customer's big dollars. These purpose built networks are proving better delivery of Private and Public Clouds connectivity for our customers. Either replace or augment your MPLS. We will manage it for you with our MSP team and your Cloud SLA contract.

for Cloud

Our DRaaS and Backup solution's are built for both Private and Public Clouds. Private Nodes are hosted at HyperScale Centers to give you access to AWS if needed with a simple drop of a cable. We use the best value in Compute, IO and Storage with a backed SLA by our Managed Services Team with access to Hybrid DRaaS & Backup options.

Secure Connect
for Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

Our Secure connect solution bundles MegaPort and FortiNet into a managed solution for getting from a Data Center to the AWS Cloud. We maintain the solution under your MSP contract and provide support and ongoing maintenance for the secure fiber connection layer to the HyperScaler.

Cloud Management

CXOS is our Hybrid Cloud Management Platform. We use it to manage our multiple workloads across our customer community of Private and Public Clouds and specific OEM partners.

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