Eplexity AWS Accelerators

Eplexity AWS Accelerator will help you speed your move to Amazon Web Services. We have developed a 2 week sprint that delivers a first win for your team using the Cloud Adoption Framework. (CAF). This format can be used for tackling other AWS Topics for business and technology stakeholders for building your Cloud First strategy with integration into our MSP.

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Cloud Adoption Framework Review (CAF)

6 areas are reviewed for the small test case application. Business, People, Governance. Platform, Security and Operations.

Accelerator WorkShop

We will help you pick one simple application for a migration acceleration. We will compact the timeline to 2 weeks and run you through a sprint using our best practices.

AWS Landing Zone

Our AWS Architect will build the correct AWS services from the High Level Design and setup your AWS Landing Zone to be migrated for your the Mini-App.

AWS Production Push & Review

We will migrate up to one server application into AWS. Alternatively Eplexity may build a 3-tier web architecture on-top of AWS Infrastructure should a migration of an application not be feasible.

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