Eplexity powers the worlds first open standards-based cloud management system. CXOS is a powerful portal for managing the Hybrid Cloud - both cloud and on-prem. The CXOS portal provides a powerful single pane of glass for 1-click access to an entire network of leading, global cloud providers. Whether you have an entire cloud farm or you're just getting started, CXOS is the fastest and easiest way to manage the cloud!

All Your Infrastructure in One Place

Unify your servers, networks, platforms, logs, user management and billing in a single pane of glass.

Network of Leading Products & Services

Add your own services, or up-sell vetted products and services, all at no cost to you.

1-Click Deployment and Integration

From web server to load balancers, you can create, tweak and manage it all with a click.

Easy Account Management

Manage client & user accounts, monitored usage/overage, and consolidated invoicing, all done for you.