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About Eplexity

Do you have a Cloud TCO planning service?

Yes. What it is today and what it will look like in the future. We will look at all your applications and build a Total Cost Migration Plan and work with AWS to see if you qualify for any Migration Credits.

Do you do Cloud projects or are you just an Cloud MSP ?

We focus on Cloud projects with a goal of turning those customer engagements into Managed Service Support contracts for 24*7 support with an SLA. Our business focus is growing our MSP Cloud WorkLoads and taking good care of customers for the lifetime of the Applications.

Do you offer business planning and design for WorkLoad growth?

Yes. We can review ongoing WorkLoad migrations to Amazon Web Services or to our Private VMware Cloud nodes and build the skills matrix for your team on training, implementation and ongoing costs to maintain your operations in the Cloud. 

Do you have you have packaged Eplexity product solutions?

Yes. We have defined Cloud packaged product bundles that we continue to improve based on customer feedback. Each of these bundled solutions has a detailed bill of materials and matched Managed Service Offering designed to keep the package easy to understand and bind to a SLA with our defined Service Catalog.
  • Eplexity Private ECloud Nodes. Our Private Cloud Solution Stack is based on VMware AirCloud. It contains all the software, licensing, SSD Storage, RAM, Compute and IO commits with secure connections for your private Cloud solution. Our Managed Services Agreement takes care of the Infrastructure (IAAS) and Platform (PAAS) for the VMware private Cloud secure access and the SLA.
  • Eplexity DRASS. A Disaster Recovery solution as a Service (DRAAS) based on the the Eplexity ECloud Node with Data Mover software and all reserved VMware licenses. This includes the ability to complete a Disaster Recovery test 1 (one) time a year. This service can be combined with the AWS service catalog of using S3 and AWS marketplace storage vendors to combine the strategies of Private and Public for DraaS. 
  • Eplexity Secure Connect. Connectivity from Private to Public connection with Mega Port and Fortitrust.
  • Eplexity AWS Public Cloud Accelerator. This is an AWS expert service designed to accelerate your AWS project initiatives in a iterative delivery format with a small win. Defined Project Outline and Project Goals usually delivered in under 2 weeks. Any number of the AWS Service Catalog topics can be packaged into the 2 week mini sprint. Example use cases could be around Big Data, Analytics, Security, Storage, Compute for a particular project in any vertical industry. 
  • Eplexity VMware Private Cloud Accelerator. This is a VMware expert service designed to accelerate your VMWARE project initiatives with a small win to Private Cloud. Defined Project Outline and Project Goals usually delivered in under 2 weeks. Example use cases can be around your current production data center moving to a Private Cloud with a  mixture of needs for Backup, DRaaS or application expansion. 
  • Eplexity SD-WAN for Cloud Connectivity. This is based on the SD-WAN vendor Aryaka. We bundle SD-WAN as part of the MSP service contract and provide a replacement to MPLS to accelerate the Cloud design for Disaster Recovery as a Service , AWS connectivity or other use cases around Cloud.
  • Eplexity Cloud Management Platform (CMP) – Called CXOS . We use this CMP tool to manage our diverse customer portfolio of Cloud Work Loads.
  • Eplexity Managed Services Cloud Catalog – MSCC. This is our our Managed Service Catalog of specific managed service offerings that is detailed as a product delivery description with an SKU and SLA for both Private and Public Clouds.

AWS Cloud Services

Can you manage my Amazon Web Services Applications that I have built?

Yes. If you have built an AWS Application, we can manage it for you. We have developed a catalog service book of support options for AWS infrastructure managed services. We can manage all the technical components of the AWS Application on a 24*7, SLA contract .

Do you have a migration practice for those customers looking to move to AWS Public Cloud?

Yes. We have several AWS migration projects that we have completed with 100’s of Applications and 100’s of WorkLoads that we are managing with our MSP. We have a detailed migration process that we continue to improve through our customer experiences.

Do you build AWS Applications?

Yes. Today we have refactored several applications that did not make sense to “Migrate to AWS” using AWS Server Less. In most cases it was less expensive to build the application from scratch since it was old and not well designed.

Do you offer AWS training classes?

Soon. We will be offering Cloud Training Classes.

Are you a certified Amazon Managed Service Partner?

Not yet. We are working on it. We do have detailed Service Delivery Catalog around AWS. We should be completed with the Amazon Managed Service Provider designation by 4th Quarter, 2017.

VMware Cloud Services

Can you manage my custom VMware Infrastructure that I have built?

Yes. If you have a VMware service up and running, we can move it and manage it for you. We have developed a catalog service book of support options for VMWARE infrastructure managed services. We can manage all the technical components of the VMware solution design and build on a 24*7 , SLA contract for our Private ECloud Node.

Do you have a migration practice for VMware projects- Data Center to Private Cloud?

Yes. We have completed several VMware migration projects with 1000’s of VM’s that we currently manage in our Private ECloud Nodes. We have a detailed migration process that we continue to improve through our project experiences.

Have you moved VMWare Legacy applications to AWS?


Private Cloud Services

Do you build custom Private Clouds?

Yes. We are a VMware AirCloud partner. We can build a custom Cloud solution for you and are experts in Data Center to Private Cloud design and build. ERP, Accounting, Billing and Call Center applications are examples of VMware legacy applications we have moved to an Explexity Private Cloud Node with a Managed Services and SLA contract for 24*7 care.

Where do you house the Private Cloud Solutions?

Our Private Cloud Nodes are focused on providing access to Hyper Scale centers for connectivity in carrier neutral Data Centers. Currently we are in Denver and Ashburn. We will be opening San Jose 3rd Quarter and Amsterdam by end of 2nd Quarter, 2017. In addition this gives us an option to be “On Net” with AWS in those locations giving good access to Hybrid Cloud WorkLoad options with our CMP Tool.

Can you split the Workloads between Private and Public Clouds?

Yes. We are doing this today with our Cloud Management Platform.

Cloud Management Platform

Do you have a Cloud Management Platform ?

Yes. We have built our own. Its a Eplexity product and are actively developing new features all the time based on customer requirements.

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