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Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, VMware, SoftLayer, Private, Public
we turn the promise of cloud computing into reality so you can grow your business


Cloud Security is a mindset and is ingrained and integrated into every product and service we offer our clients through careful design and InfoSec requirements review

Managed Service Provider

No technology or company stands alone today, seamless service integration is the key with your Infrastructure as a Code focus and our Managed Services Cloud team


Cloud computing evolves on a daily basis, we stay informed and share our knowledge with detailed delivery run books and Cloud Formation templates

Eplexity cloud solutions

You require cloud solutions and a solution provider that understands the rapidly changing cloud landscape, and solutions serving as a steady backbone to your business, supporting your financial, operational and technical goals.

eplexity cloud services

Extend top-tier cloud technical experience to your team, accelerating your cloud projects, we provide transformation, project management, implementation, research, development all supported by an Operations Center with full monitoring capabilities and an enthusiastic team of cloud professionals

a partner you can trust

Eplexity eliminates complexity from the cloud. We provide expert answers fast, navigate the newest technology with confidence, remove risk, extend quickly to engineering and eliminate “finger pointing”

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Service & up-time guaranteed

We know, if your cloud service isn't available, you're business isn't available. With every service and solution, we give you up-time guarantees you can trust.

CMP built in

We couldn't find a cloud management platform we believed provided both the simplicity and functionality of the cloud, so we built our own - giving you the power to manage your cloud environment in a simple and powerful platform.

Solid SLAs

Nothing is 100%. Our goal is push as close to that as possible. Our SLAs include up-time, performance, response times - all the things you've come to expect. They also include our commitment to excellence in every service and solution we provide our customers.

Globally available

Cloud environments are borderless. We partner with top-tier cloud companies, providing a global reach and availability of your cloud environment, designed to meet your expectations of security and performance.

24x7 year round support

Your cloud environment is critical to your business or organization. Up-time, performance, availability - we are here to ensure if there is a problem, we are available to resolve it as quickly as possible.

"Security First" mindset

Your backup is only as good as your ability to restore. Disaster recovery is only a "drill" until you need it. Zero Day, Ransomware, DDoS. Security is always top-of-mind in everything we do for our customers.

our expertise, your business

No technology is bigger than your business, it's a tool for growth. We understand, manage and operate the cloud environment, to do just that - meet your business goals. It's our passion.

"Eplexity provided us with a platform that gave us the efficiency, manageability to innovate at our own pace and to deliver the best services possible to our customers"
Chris Scherpenseel of Transworld Technologies Inc.

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